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project soulshine :: tara

i see beauty in every woman. the corniest marketing slogan ever, right? thing is though that it’s the complete god’s honest truth. help me come up with something less cliché if you don’t like that one. i’m open.

women are taught to hide our lights under all of the other things we do. it’s just another paradox of being a woman in this society. if we admire ourselves, if we like the way we look? well, then, we are vain or narcissistic or self-centered. have you ever looked at a photograph of yourself and liked it? actually thought: ‘wow, that’s me? i have a great smile.’ or ‘i forgot what awesome cheekbones i have’. but quickly tucked that thought away behind shame for the feeling? messed up, right.

we’ve talked about this before. if i could make a portrait of every woman, doing what they do, being who they are, to show them what i see—give them a beautiful portrait to help remind them that they are beautiful when they forget—and we all forget—i would.

the concept isn’t new. this movement to embrace your beauty—the idea that barbie-doll perfection has harmed our society and our collective souls—that women need to feel good about what’s beautiful about themselves. it helps to stop watching television (or at least, advertising). it helps to be your own healthy (not the healthy of a twenty year old woman). it helps to wear clothes that fit your body (not clothes designed for your teenage daughter). and you know what? it helps to see a pretty picture of yourself.

just ask tara.

random and not (promotion)

first, let me thank everyone who entered. some of you wrote me revealing and personal email messages about why you wanted this and frankly, i wish i had the time and resources to give you each a photo session. because i think that every woman should be able to see what’s beautiful about themselves and i truly think that i can help to do this, i am offering the following for the month of may: a half-price photo session especially tailored to the needs of women. it will include up to two hours of shooting time and one 8″x12″ fine-art print, any additional prints that you wish to order will be offered to you at a discount as well. please contact me directly for additional details. i hope some of you will pull the trigger on this and take advantage of the promotion. it’s can be a truly empowering experience to see a beautiful photograph of yourself.

now, for the winners: tara and harlene. their names were chosen completely at random. but if you believe in any sort of fate or life-circles or other such stuff, maybe it wasn’t so random. tara and i have been connected virtually for quite some time. we are friends who have never met. we know people in common in the non-virtual world and there’s no question that when we (finally) meet face to face it’ll be easy. and harlene? well that’s a long and lovely story. harlene and i have known each other for 30 years (yes, harlene, i did the math) but haven’t seen each other for close to 15. ladies, i can’t wait to get you behind my lens. call me?

What Are You Doing Friday Night?

if you come, please say hi and introduce yourself—i’d love to meet you. and if you can’t come to the opening reception i hope you’ll stop by before june 11th while the show is still hanging.

(just a note to nyc peeps – noka’s is directly across the street from the metro north katonah train station, which is 55 minutes from grand central. just sayin’.)

also, i’d like to clarify that there’s still time to add your name to the drawing for the two portrait sessions i’m giving away. i’ll be picking the winners on saturday, april 30 via the random number generator. all you have to do to enter is either leave a comment or send me an email. details here.