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I’ve been a little blocked about writing lately (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Frankly, I sort of feel like I set a bar for myself with the portrait series last month. I was proud of that work and I felt like there was substance to it. Each time since then that I’ve sat down to write, the minutia of my life emerged and it seemed, well, unimportant.

But I miss writing when I don’t write. And I feel adrift when I don’t carry my camera.

And really, it’s all about the minutia anyway.

The moments that make us smile in the midst of the laundry. The sweet things our children say to each other when they think we aren’t listening.

balancing act

The first ripe tomato of the summer.

The neighborhood kids running outside in bare feet and pajamas when the ice cream truck drives by.

driveway drawin'

So minutia it is.

I’ll tell you about the braces that are being made for my toddler’s feet. And how I’m sad for him and happy that it’s not something worse all at the same time. I’ll tell you about the first girl that broke my son’s heart and how I was transported back to middle school, only this time it was worse because it was happening to someone I love.

I’ll tell you about dumpster day and how much I love it.

dumpster day makes me happy

I’ll tell you about how last Sunday I planned out all our meals for the week, purchased all the ingredients and relieved about half the stress from my life in the process. I’ll tell you about a wonderful book I just finished and about a self-portrait project over on Flickr which is inspiring me daily. And about a baby quilt made by a group of women who have never met for a baby most of them have never held.

It’s these things that make up my life and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Roundabout Quilt V. 2.3

So, a few weeks ago I was surprised and flattered by the inclusion of this here blog in Quilter’s Home Magazine’s list of ’55 Rad Blogs’. You could have knocked me over with a feather – I don’t even blog about quilting! Well, not lately anyway.

I’m here today to tell you that as it turns out – quilting is like riding a bike. Apparently once you push aside the still-packed suitcases (yes, we returned from vacation ten days ago – are you judging me?) and clear off the bills and other neglected mail from on top of the sewing machine and vacuum the half-finished project that has been acting as a cat bed for three months – it comes right back to you!

I had a lot of fun planning this quilt. I used every fabric from Amy Butler’s Love line and a whole bunch of coordinating Kona solids. I had less fun actually sewing the thing. These blocks were definitely easier to sew then the original Roundabout quilt (which didn’t have seam allowances in the template) as there was less pulling and stretching of fabric. But there are more squares in this one (48 in case you’re counting) and frankly, I got bored.

And, wow, when I was looking at each square individually I (more than once) wondered what in the world I had been thinking with my fabric pairings. I tried to remember that they were puzzle pieces and once assembled they would (fingers crossed) work.

And mostly I think they do.

I’m not sure I’ll tackle squeezing this (77″ x 90″) monster quilt into my machine for quilting. I don’t much like to send quilts out (call me crazy) as the quilting is actually my favorite part (after the designing). But this is B.I.G.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go unpack.

Hear Me Roar

Sometimes inspiration grabs me and won’t let me go until my shoulders ache from cutting fabric. Until my eyes are watery with squinting at binding stitches. Until I notice a two year old eating corn chips out of the bag. On my bed.

I had that day yesterday.

I finished piecing a quilt. I finished binding another quilt. I finished drafting the pattern for- and cutting fabric for- yet another quilt. I took my son to lunch with his friend. I managed a shower and cooked dinner and read The House on East Eighty Eighth Street (three times). I changed fourteen diapers (this might be a slight exaggeration). I counseled one middle school crisis to conclusion. I volunteered some time for a cause dear to my heart. I had tea with my mother. I chatted with a neighbor. I watched 24 with my husband. I was superwoman.

Today I’m going to take it a little easier.