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Elina and Kevin :: Expecting

I really have no words here. Elina and Kevin will be holding their baby within a month and it leaves me speechless. She is growing a human inside her amazing body and he is supporting her. Together they are a family and, of course, they have no idea what they’re in for. And it’s beyond my ability to describe. And they let me document it. And moreover? I get to be there for the birth. No words.

Summer Evenings :: Elizabeth

I’m so in love with everything summer right now that I would drink a glass of it if I could. I’m working on pictures that will help bring back these lazy dreamy days when the February blues hit hard. This is Elizabeth. Maybe you’ve seen her in some of my photos before? It’s lovely to work with the same model over a period of time and watch her grow and change. And it makes for a particularly poignant benchmark to measure growth and change in my own work. Elizabeth is a joy to photograph. Of course, she’s beautiful. But she’s also a deep thinker and very playful at the same time. She’s six by the way. We had a great time shooting at sunset last night. She told me about her grandparents and she suggested poses she wanted to try. She twirled in the grass and  and we discussed the pros and cons of picking wildflowers. She said she would give these to her mother.

Hello Summer, I’ve Been Waiting for You.

Just a few of the things on my summer love list:

Popsicles on the front stoop. After dinner walks. Bare feet. Sprinklers. Fireflies. The smell of chlorine in my children’s hair when I kiss them goodnight. Beach reading. Wrinkly-pool-soaked-toes. Impromptu visits. Late mornings. Sandy PBJ sandwiches. Canoes. Reunions. Tomatoes off the vine. My husband wearing shorts. Flip flops. Eating outdoors. Strawberry margaritas.

(And a selection of pictures from my project 365 taken over the past month.)