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Hello Summer, I’ve Been Waiting for You.

Just a few of the things on my summer love list:

Popsicles on the front stoop. After dinner walks. Bare feet. Sprinklers. Fireflies. The smell of chlorine in my children’s hair when I kiss them goodnight. Beach reading. Wrinkly-pool-soaked-toes. Impromptu visits. Late mornings. Sandy PBJ sandwiches. Canoes. Reunions. Tomatoes off the vine. My husband wearing shorts. Flip flops. Eating outdoors. Strawberry margaritas.

(And a selection of pictures from my project 365 taken over the past month.)

lost pictures

one of the pitfalls of a 365 project for me has been the pictures i overlook. sometimes the image i choose to represent any given day isn’t actually the best picture i made that day. looking through the archives is both a delight of forgotten moments and an embarrassment of photographic mistakes. occasionally i pick a day or a month and pour over the raw images. sometimes i process them. sometimes i re-process them. sometimes i send them to my mother. today i’m dreaming of summer and looking through lost images from last august.