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postcards from a hurricane

powering up my phone this morning i was assaulted by the number 1 flashing at me—marking the first day of september. how i didn’t know it was coming has mostly to do with the hurricane that tore through here a few days ago. amazing how no power in your house can discombobulate you so. frankly, it’s a date i’m always in denial about – even when my electronic calendars are working.

but these last days threw me for a loop.

i’d like to tell you a tale of family bonding and epic board games, and indeed there was some (i kicked some go-fish ass). but the moral of this story is addiction. it wasn’t the lights we missed. no, candles and flashlights are adequate (at least during the last days of august). it turns out that i’m a power junkie. my dishwasher and laundry machines provide a sweet taste, but the delicious whirring sound of my laptop was the fix i was jonesing for.

news, communication, entertainment—contact. the hand crank radio that was a gift from my ex-mother-in-law for holiday 1999 (impending millennium doom) provided some small measure, but at around day three i would have given away one of my kids for some wifi or a working cell signal.

after whining a few times about not being able to watch tv, the little one took it in stride (as they do) but the big one clearly takes after his mama. cranky, jittery, moody—classic signs of withdrawal.

three days in, out of sheer desperation, i took a risk. i gave him a job. a job that usually falls outside of the scope of stuff he does around here (stuff he does around here being a frequent bone of contention in our family). i asked him to help with the littles. and, guess what? he stepped it up. at dinner at a neighbor’s he took six children under the age of five upstairs and gave me and two other weary mamas a break. for hours. who knew that he had camp counsellor abilities hiding under all that teenage angst?

so the next day during the witching hour i asked him to do it again and crossed my fingers. five dollars and an hour to myself later he had babysat his little brother for the first time. and no blood was shed.

silver linings people. silver linings.

half the battle

today is the day i have been waiting for. oh, not in the way you think. i wasn’t looking forward to it. i just knew it would come. i knew that if i set out to do something every single day, eventually it would feel impossible. i knew that if i sat at my kitchen table unable to motivate through the endless piles of stuff that have to be done and looked at the same walls and the same floors and the same everything every day for long enough i would no longer be able to pick up my camera and make something lovely happen. i know all of this because i’ve been here before. in so many different ways. last year i attempted a 365 project and made it all of 82 days. and just for the record, they were 82 lame-ass days. and my follow-through in certain other areas of my life isn’t exactly stellar either. i lack discipline—you know, being human and all. so today as i sit here, still in pajamas at 3:15 in the afternoon. it’s raining again and my house is a train wreck. i’ve got piles of work to do and errands to run. but i’m sitting. because i need to. and i’m looking around me. and i am not inspired. i’ve looked at all of this before. how in the world am i going to record this day in a way that matters? another picture of my (adorable) son with messy hair in a superhero costume?or cookies on our awful pink tile counter?

and here is the answer i’ve come up with: yes.

this, friends is my project. my life and my 365. these are my days. and sometimes there are flowers and rainbows and sometimes there are dirty dishes in the sink. (okay, all the time there are dirty dishes in the sink.) and when i look back on this year there will be a lot of superhero photos and a lot of cookies. and that’s okay because i have a three year old who loves dress up and i bake a lot. and if i’m lucky some of the photos will be delightful and frame-worthy and some, well, some won’t. but you know what? i’m doing it. and that, as they say, is half the battle.

the view from here

my dad stopped by for a quick cup of coffee on his way through town last week.

all the frames for my upcoming show arrived and our living room has been transformed into a workshop.

my older son has surprised us all and joined the boy scouts. despite my (political) reservations, i do love to see him packing up his pack and heading out for a hike instead of hunkering down in front of the computer.

saturday night was: rainy, taxes, macaroni and friday night lights on the dvr.

what’s the view like from where you sit?