Monthly Archives: January 2012

Yes, I’m doing it again.

It was an easy choice to keep my photo-a-day project going in to the new year.

A big part of it was just habit. Stuff I do every day: shower; eat; take a photo. Part of the routine. But the other part was the window. The view it has provided into so many parts of our lives. Keeping memories. Marking time. Finding beauty. Learning techniques—testing styles.

Last year was tough, no doubt. We were touched by death, unemployment, tragedy, storms of all kinds and worry. And yet there was so much lovely. So much to remember. We persevered and triumphed and we were happy in the midst of it all. The boys flourished and we all moved forward. There was new life and success and growth. There was laughter and progress and luck.

I choose to remember it all and I’m grateful for the lens that helps keep me in focus.