Monthly Archives: July 2011

a message from july

we’ve packed and gone
and come back again.

and mostly we’ve
done the laundry
and moved onto the next.
and outdoor suppers.
late afternoon swimming
and pajamas in the yard at dusk.
chasing fireflies.

in years past i couldn’t manage to hold onto
even one
of the sweet summer memories
as the days slipped through my fingers.
and elusive,
but moving oh so quickly towards the end of it all.
and then my camera,
of all things.
something changed,
slowed down.
and now
i see (most days)
for the joy they bring.
new growth.
moods pass and shadows lift.

it’s mark is upon us.
it’s impression
not to be forgotten when the days are short
and dark.
july evenings will be with us
in february, i tell myself,
full of hope,
because we savor them today.