Monthly Archives: August 2009

Dreaming of Summer

We visit Martha’s Vineyard every summer because we are lucky enough to have family that puts us up and puts up with us, and because I love it there.

I start dreaming of the sea smell and the sticky air almost before I get home every August and I sometimes imagine the iridescent light in the depths of a dark New York winter to get me through until longer days return.

Everything glows on the island and even on a cloudy day the light radiates color.

This year did not disappoint.

But vacation is different with children.

Sure, we’re away and we’re together but the days of lounging on the beach with a book are a memory.

Please don’t misunderstand this to be a complaint. I’d trade running down the beach after a naked toddler or cooking yet another hot dog for a picky eater (don’t judge me, I know you’ve given your kids hot dogs too) for a good book and dinner out any day.

But it’s not the same.

After the planning and the packing and the driving and the unpacking and the settling in and the activities and the packing and the traveling and the driving (again) and the endless laundry and unpacking when we get home—I need another vacation.

Still, I can’t wait until next summer.


That’s not a finished object you say—it has no binding. Well, yes, technically that’s true. But try telling him that.

There’s nothing complicated about this quilt. It’s sixteen-inch squares set four across by four down. It’s my plan to use this on the beach next week when we take our vacation. I wanted to quilt it densely for durability and I thought whimsical might be fun, but after a little while of quilting like this:

I surrendered and went with something a little less labor (and thread) intensive.

So it looks kind of ridiculous with two totally different quilting styles that just change at random but I plan to ignore it.

And instead of binding it I decided to work on something else.

And when I need a break from that, I work on this

I’ve heard it said that ADD can add to creativity. Let’s go with that.